Installing Edge Express on a Mac | Sierra and Mojave

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Installing Edge Express on a Mac | Sierra and Mojave

Step 1: Make sure you have registered with The Edge Photo Imaging.

You should have a customer ID that looks like this paul17 and a password that you have created.

Step 2: Delete any folder that is named Edge Express in your downloads and application folder.

Step 3: Go to security and privacy settings under system preferences and tick App store and identified developers

Step 4: Go to the firewall tab and turn it off (remember to turn it back on after installation is complete if it was activated)

Step 5: Download and install this patch from the Apple website: Click me – Apple support download

Step 6: Click and download this link:  Click Me – Mac Edge Express Download

Step 7: This download will end up in your Downloads folder as edge

Double click to unzip. This will then create another folder (unzipped) called Edge Express, drag this folder into the Applications folder

Step 8: Open the Edge Express folder in your Applications folder. (*Very Important – Don’t double click on the Edge Express Application that looks like a rocket ship)

Step 9: Right click on the Edge Express App (looks like a rocket ship) and select “show package contents”

Step 10: Go to Contents > MacOS > and double click on the Edge Express .exec file

Step 11: Click open when the warning “edge express is a unix application downloaded from the internet” appears

Step 12: Enter your customer ID and Password when prompted and click OK on the “Where to Save” option

Step 13: The Edge Express program will then open up. You will see another window on your desktop with some text in it, don’t close this window, by doing so you will shutdown the edge express program.

Step 14: Your final step is to drag that Edge Express .exec file next to your trash bin for a quick launch of Edge Express.

For a more detailed version of the Edge Express installation on a Mac, click this link: Installing Edge Express on Mac