Products & Services

Having been a wedding/portrait photographer for over forty years, I understand that one of the keys to a successful business is having reliable suppliers. The Edge has certainly proven to be a leader in their field. Thanks again to everyone at The Edge for their great service and consistent quality.

Bernie Griffiths
Gregory''s Photography
Melbourne, Australia

Mounting & Finishing

The Edge offers a selection of mounting and laminating options to enhance  and protect the presentation of your photos. These services can easily be added to your order in Edge Roes by selecting available options.

Mounting options available include;

  • Laminating – available in Gloss, Satin and Litex (textured). Anti-Graffiti also available on request.
  • Foam Core –  available in 5mm (For framing purposes), 10mm and 20mm with hanger and your choice of black or white edging
  • Gatorboard – available in 10mm Black
  • MDF Board – no longer available. Replaced by 10mm Gatorboard
  • Acrylic Mounting – 6mm Acrylic with 1mm Forex backing with Split Batons or Metal frame hanger
  • Print to Metal – high gloss process where inks are infused into Aluminum and floats off the wall
  • DiBond – 3mm Aluminum Composite panel with Split Baton hanger
  • Canvas Stretching

Please contact the team to find out more.


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