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I have used many pro labs in the past but the customer service, qualityand price at The Edge goes above and beyond. I would use no other and always refer other photographer to them. Happy customers = successful business for both of us :)

Zaharoula Harris
Melbourne, Australia

Print and Assemble Albums

Working in conjunction with Albums Australia, The Edge are proud to be part of a fabulous time saving service called Print and Assembly.

Use the free TDA studio software offered by Albums Australia to sort and manage your images, create your best possible page designs and then simply click a button to have all images automatically uploaded to The Edge via the built-in FTP program within the TDA software.

Your images are professionally printed by us and the album  is handcrafted and assembled by the dedicated and professional team at Albums Australia.

What you receive next is the finished product, ready to deliver to your client.  Who could ask for more?


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