Photographic Printing

Got my second lot of metallic prints from you this week - I LOVE the quality.. Thank you! And also for the postage rates which are awesome! I can get an order back to WA in less than a week :-)

Melissa Hersey
Melissa''s Photography
Perth, Western Australia

Digi Prints

The Kodak RP30 printer is a laser exposing device which outputs digital files to Kodak Endura, a conventional photographic paper. It is similar to the Lambda printer, but in addition it will cut your prints to size. Prints up to 12×18 will be printed on the RP30 unless otherwise specified.

In preparing your files for output on this machine, you do not necessarily need to size them or have them at the specific dpi, however they do need;

  •  To be cropped, at the correct ratio and sized approximately to file size
  • Create folders for each of the sizes you require, and drag your files into the appropriate folder.
  • Make sure your file names have no more than 30 characters.
  • Do not use any characters in the file name for example, ^”&=><?(){}[]@#$%+|

We will apply our output profile before printing and your prints will come back with the file name printed on the back.


For more detailed information and images click HERE