White House Collection

Got my second lot of metallic prints from you this week - I LOVE the quality.. Thank you! And also for the postage rates which are awesome! I can get an order back to WA in less than a week :-)

Melissa Hersey
Melissa''s Photography
Perth, Western Australia

About WHCC

About White House Custom Colour

A decade of innovation and building relationships.

WHCC began its transition to the new emerging digital technology in late 1999. They were a very small, local film lab for portrait and wedding photographers in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota, USA. The WHCC owners created an environment of client focused innovation, combined with operational simplicity that endures to this day.  Sound familiar?

From the very beginning their beliefs and actions were centred around the mantra: WHCC is about one thing: your success as a professional photographer. Everything they do, every day, has this purpose in mind. It is what drives them! When you succeed, they succeed. Of course that has not changed and they continue to reinvest in the company, plan for the future and produce your orders with this in mind.

Their relationship brings product innovation, simple and reliable quality and excellent customer service creating the foundation for your success.

WHCC has grown and now produce orders not just in Minnesota, but also in our facilities in Texas.  They are still committed to their customers and their success. They’ve accomplished a lot since the year 2000 and remain just as motivated, just as enthused and just as committed now as they were then for mutual success.

The White House story really struck a chord with The Edge, and the similarities in the way in which the business was set up, is run and continues to grow each day resonates with us.  We are very proud to connect with them and offer our customers their superior press printed products in an easy to use manner, bridging the gap between the USA and Australia and making the world a smaller place by bringing such resources to you.

The team at WHCC have made thousands and thousands of new friends over this past decade and we’re proud to have them on board with The Edge and considered closely as one of them!