White House Collection

Got my second lot of metallic prints from you this week - I LOVE the quality.. Thank you! And also for the postage rates which are awesome! I can get an order back to WA in less than a week :-)

Melissa Hersey
Melissa''s Photography
Perth, Western Australia

We believe that WHCC provides the best Press Printed Products in the photographic and printing industry in the world! As a result, The Edge has set up as a distributor for WHCC Press Printed Products, allowing Australian photographers access to their incredible range, without the pitfalls of time differences, long distance and expensive international shipping costs.

The White House collection is a selection of press printed products of a quality and standard not seen before in this country. Straight forward and easy to order online via ROES, The Edge are proud to be bridging the gap between the USA and Australia, by providing uncomplicated access to these products.

We believe that the addition of these products in any photographer’s range, will ultimately result in and increase in business and sales, creating something completely custom made and individual to suit your own customers needs.