Press Printed Cards & Products

Got my second lot of metallic prints from you this week - I LOVE the quality.. Thank you! And also for the postage rates which are awesome! I can get an order back to WA in less than a week :-)

Melissa Hersey
Melissa''s Photography
Perth, Western Australia

Stickers & Magnets

WHCC stickers are a single sided press printed product printed on sticker material with a split liner for easy removal. Stickers are available in increments of 50 in 2×3.5, 3×3, 4×5.5, 5×5, 5×7, 4×8, 5×10, 5.5×11 and 8×10 sizes.  Popular uses of Stickers can be used as return address labels, studio packaging, and gift tags.

Looking for stickers in different shapes? All of our Boutique Card shapes are available as stickers.

WHCC Magnets are single sided press printed products that are available in increments of 25 (with the exception of the 2×3.5 size which is available in sets of 50). Our Magnets are available in all of our flat card and postcard sizes including 2×3.5, 3×3, 4×5.5, 4×8, 5×5, 5×7, 5×10, 5.5×11, and 8×10.

Magnets are also available in all of our Boutique Card shapes!

Add UV coating to either product for extra protection and gloss. Magnets make great announcements, such as a save-the-date or a party invitations because they can go right on the fridge as a constant reminder. Also think about using magnets for studio marketing and promotion!